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Overview: An acronym that tips its hat to the business itself is Rocko. Standing for “Robotic Operating Coffee Kiosk Oasis”, Rocko, a cutting-edge robotic coffee bar that will serve as a personal oasis for its consumers. Escaping to an oasis is a pleasant change from what is usual; the exact feeling consumers will experience when ordering and drinking their coffee served by JJ the Robot.

We were approached by the inventors of ROCKO for phase I of the branding and creative development process. An innovative robotic coffee company that accurately makes and serves coffee beverages quicker than the traditional coffee shop. We looked to position ROCKO as the modern, sustainable, and convenient invention it is. ROCKO kiosks can soon be found on college campuses, airports, and more.

Work Done: Business Naming Analysis, Branding Development, Logo Design, and Marketing Collateral.

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