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6 Challenging Interview Questions & How To Crush Them

Regardless if your interview is in-person or is done via video call, when the interviewer starts asking those challenging interview questions, you start to wonder if you have prepared enough.

Even the best psychics wouldn’t be able to predict the exact interview questions you would be asked on an interview. To point you in the right direction, review our 6 Q&A brush-up examples below:

What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

A lot of interviewers like to ask this question to gage a level of how self-aware you are. Rule of thumb, you always want to make every weakness a positive in one way or another.

Example: “In previous jobs, I have had a hard time saying ‘no’. I wanted to help everyone on the team, but time constraints left me with too much work to complete. I solved the problem by using project management software to organize my schedule.



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