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We'll help guide you with branding best practices so people understand why they need your business.

The growth of technology has changed the marketing world drastically, gone are the days of needing a in-house graphic designer in order to produce (good) marketing content for your business.

By outsourcing the creative work for your business to our design team, you're saving money because you don't have to put them on payroll (cha-ching) and you're saving your valuable time because we'll handle the whole project soup to nuts to deliver a well seasoned product.

Oh, and did we mention that when you call or email us, we actually respond.

I absolutely love working with Let's B Media. Definitely a great source of knowledge and resources on how to bring your business up to speed with today's demands. Lila is fantastic and a must meet for any business owner!

Joey Mac Dizon

Owner, The Mobile Cigar Lounge & Belleau Wood Cigars

Lila is super creative, a pleasure to work with, and is very quick in response time which is hard to find.


Eli Garfinkel

Owner, Bluestone Brokerage, LLC

Let's B Media did an amazing job on my new logo and website. From the start, Lila Schneider, owner, sat down with me to figure out what type of site I wanted to put together. From the colors to design, she knew exactly what I wanted and where. The website has been checked out by many people who also agree that the website is well done. I would recommend Let's B Media on all branding & website related projects!

Sid Vaidya

Owner, Switch Events LLC & Co-Founder, C3 Chat Show Podcast




The Creative Process

step 01

We will begin the design process by evaluating your business and then propose what will bring you the most value from a creative standpoint.

Step 02

We will do our due diligence by researching your business competitors to get our creative juices flowing as well as find any opportunities at hand.

Step 03

We will compile a design presentation around your business or send over your graphic design work for final approval.

Branding & Creative Services

Business Naming & Analysis Exploration

Choosing a name for your business can be one of the most nerve-wracking tasks; all of that time and energy you invested into your business baby. (Oh, and don't forget all of the sacrifices you've made.) When we guide you through the business naming process, we will explore various avenues that relate to your business and your customer base.

Logo Design

You're a business owner, you're smart and you know when something "just looks off" and you also know when something "just looks right". Your business logo will be some of the first steps taken during the branding process. We look to provide you with a whole mix-up of fonts and colors to view your business name in, because you might not know exactly what you want from your business logo, but you will know when it looks right - and of course we'll be right by your side guiding you through the whole design process. 

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

What's your business value proposition? What problem is your business solving for its customers? Living in this digital age it's uber important for your business messaging to be clear and concise since you only have a few seconds to grab your customer's attention. We will guide you through the messaging process and position your brand in a way that relates to your target audience and keep messaging consistent across ALL marketing channels. 

Graphic Design Services

Advertising Concepts

When it comes to branding, it's important that your Facebook ads are consistent with the look and feel of your business website in order to strengthen brand recognition. Combining aesthetically pleasing ads with thought-out messaging gets the people viewing your business advertisement to take action, plain and simple. 

Marketing Collateral

You work hard to network and promote your business. Having business cards and letterhead professionally designed allows your business to physically stand out amongst competitors vs. the business that just orders print products online. We deliver a more personalized experience and can pair you with the best print shops for your business needs - and yes, they all stand behind their product.  

Website Design

Your business only gets 7-seconds (if that) to make a first impression. While it's important for your website to look "good" and be easy to navigate, it's important that it curtails to your overall business objective. Are we focusing on email subscribers or leads? These are all questions we will guide you with during the website design phase for your business. 

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