Job Search: Expectation vs. Reality

Living in present day, we all know from past experiences that jobs aren’t always what they seem to be. 

Tapping into this subconscious feature we’re wired with, we wanted to delve into the expectations vs. reality when it comes to job searching.

We’ve all been there before. We’ve shown up to a job interview and it was not what we expected or perhaps we’ve taken on a job opportunity and were completely blind-sided by the job responsibilities. Hopefully by addressing the obvious and not so obvious when it comes to searching for a job, we can save you some valuable time on the learning curve:

Expectation: If I just fill in all the criteria I want in a job role (i.e job title/ function, location, salary) onto the job search website, it will pull every single job from the Internet matching those elements.

Reality: Not exactly… the majority of job search websites on the Internet only feature job opportunities that were uploaded on its corresponding platform. Unlike the traditional way of job hunting with multiple windows open on your computer or phone, Nine2Five Job Search funnels in jobs from ALL job search websites – big and small.

Expectation: If a job description only requires a resume but allows for other elements such as video resume, cover letter, and additional attachments, I only need to upload the required fields.

Reality: Yes and no. While you are only required to upload a resume, you should be taking advantage of every opportunity to make your job application stand out. Submitting a video resume and/or a list of references is a great way to help your job submission grab some eyes. If you’re not tech savvy, you can utilize our video resume services to create an evergreen video that you can submit to potential future employers.

Expectation: If I don’t hear back from a job inquiry I applied to, I should just assume I didn’t get the job and keep chipping away at the old grinding block.

Reality: It never hurts to follow-up on an application – even if you haven’t heard back yet. A lot of the time the hiring manager’s inbox will be flooded with resumes and they have the task of finding new applicants on top of their daily job function – aka they are busy. If you do not have a direct email to the hiring manager, look on the website for a contact email address or if you’re feeling your Inspector Gadget vibes, try finding their direct email address from LinkedIn or from a Google search. Make sure to put the job title you’re applying for in the subject line of the email and to reattach your resume, cover letter, and any other elements that could help you seal the deal.

Expectation: If I don’t have all the required skills the job description is asking for, I shouldn’t apply.

Reality: Hard no. If you feel that the job you’re applying for could be a fit for you (even if it’s a reach), you should definitely still apply. A lot of the time hiring managers are looking for personality matches and applicants that will take the initiative in a job role. Long story short, you can never be certain on what the hiring manager is looking for, so go ahead and apply for the job – what do you have to lose?

Expectation: I never hear back from jobs I apply to and I never get called in for an interview – IT MUST BE ME!

Reality: We’ve all been there. As we’ve said before, sometimes there are thousands of people applying for one single position at a company and yes, sometimes you will never hear back. While it’s more than likely not you personally, perhaps you should try shaking up the job elements you’re submitting: put together a fresh resume, write a cover letter for each individual job you’re applying to, send a video resume, and/or attach a list of references.

Remember how we told you at the end of the day everyone is human? Well guess what, hiring managers are people too and believe it or not, they get bored – so when they open your resume submission, do your best to make yourself stand out.

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