3 Ways Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing To Promote Their Business Online

Enter 2019. “What a time to be alive” – something our Founder, Lila Schneider often says. Why does she say this? Well for starters, it’s truly an exciting time for the marketing industry given that technology is rising at an increasingly rapid rate; with this growth of booming technology, marketers are forced to become more transparent (just like our founding values) with their work through data and analytics. With this abundance of data now easily accessible, marketing agencies and businesses alike are able to personalize their marketing campaigns and better track what is working and what’s not.

Since digital marketing can take various forms (visit our last blog post here for more information on the types of digital marketing) it now means that businesses big and small have more opportunities to market themselves at a more cost-effective rate than a few years ago with traditional marketing mediums (think print or out-of-home advertising $$$). For instance, our social media packages start out under $1K a month and give your business a consistent presence on specified social channels – consistency with any marketing initiative is key. While every business has different objectives, marketing strategies will differ; however, one thing all businesses have in common is that they can all use digital marketing to grow and promote themselves.

1. Positioning Your Website In The Best Possible Light

Living in the current digital age there are a lot of components that aid in upholding a “good” website. Is your website responsive? Designed for mobile-first and with SEO in mind? Open source content management system? Daily updates and backups? Etc. All of these components are imperative for a website in today’s digital era whereas a few years ago it didn’t matter as much where a website was hosted or if there was website maintenance occurring daily.

Positioning your website in the best possible light ensures that your digital presence will be found in the SERPs (search engine results pages), have a fast load time, and overall create a good user experience for the customer, which in hindsight builds a relationship where they will keep coming back to the website since the experience was enjoyable – aka promoting your business. (The site didn’t take too long to load, the user was able to easily find what they were looking for, and it was easy to navigate.)

If you’re now curious to see how your website is performing on the backend of things, you can use a bunch of free tools to test it out – we like using Pingdom and it will generate a report which can be handed off to your developer so they can modify the changes needed on your site. Assuming that you like to kick it old school, you can additionally reach out to our team here and request a complimentary website evaluation – no strings attached! ✂️

Upholding a solid website presence is the most important form of digital marketing since it’s the first place users go to research a business – and in our experience it seems to be the most overlooked by business owners. Take advantage of your business’s website and ensure it’s updated daily so you are getting the most bang for your buck – all aiding to your bottom-line of generating more revenue.

2. Instate A Consistent Blogging Strategy/ (or Content Marketing Strategy)

Blogging makes number two on our list because it’s a great tool to help promote your business and also gives you the opportunity to brand your company on how you want it to be perceived by the audience. (Is your brand serious, empathetic, humorous etc.)

Perhaps your organization is just starting out or has limited funds to spend on marketing, upholding a monthly or bi-weekly blog post on your website is a great, cost-effective way to give something useful to readers that either teaches them something new or gives them useful advice/ insight… kind of like this blog post you’re reading right now, we are giving you some ideas that can be applied to your marketing strategy.

Additionally, blogging is a great tool that can increase website traffic if the blog post is teased through other marketing channels such as email blasts or social media postings. Depending on the budget at hand our expertise recommends instating a content marketing strategy or a daily/ monthly blog post on your website. (Content marketing often takes form in blog posts but also has many various identities which you can further read-up on here.) Even if you don’t know where to start, research some hot topics pertaining to your industry and just start writing!

3. Utilize Social Media Marketing

Last but not least, let’s talk about social media marketing – probably one of the hottest buzzwords associated with the digital marketing world. Just like the above ideas we gave you about promoting your business online, social media is another free or cost-effective digital marketing solution that can be used to help monetize your business. (Free if you can produce the content in-house, cost-effective if you were to hire an agency like us ?.)  

Depending on what industry your company falls into (as well as your target demographic) will play a part in which channel(s) your business invests in. We recommend researching your competitors for starters and seeing what social media outlets they are utilizing to produce content on. Remember, consistency is key with social media and it’s better to focus on one or a few channels rather than all of them and not being able to keep a consistent presence. Lastly, just like with blogging it’s important that your social posts are giving something to the reader: what your business does, how it helps people, and/or what your brand stands for.

Promoting your business online through the use of digital marketing is now easier than ever with the growth of technology, so you definitely need to be taking advantage of it. If you’re looking for additional ways or free initiatives you can instate into your marketing campaign, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Founder Lila (she geeks out on this stuff!) or drop us a line via [email protected]. Happy marketing guys!

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