5 Proven Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

Whether you consider yourself a home builder or general contractor, the construction business has you working early mornings and long days. Managing employees and making sure the work gets done with true craftsmanship barely leaves you anytime to think about marketing your construction business. Instating and automating a marketing strategy will help your general contracting business flow steadily with new customers so you can get off the rollercoaster between having too many/ not enough projects.

Here are five tips and techniques to help you get started:

Know Your Client Base

A great marketing strategy for your construction company starts with knowing who you’re selling to and their needs. Foundational knowledge of your customer allows you to craft messaging and ideas that appeal to them. Mix that with the understanding of your company’s niche, and it will guide you in all of your marketing onward.

What are some everyday stressors your customer faces before hiring your team to do a job? What is their occupation? Where are they most likely to interact with your business? Knowing these details about your perfect customer will allow you to craft your message and reach them.

Embrace Content Creation & Social Media

It’s no secret that people use the Internet to browse different businesses for services they may need around the house. That’s why your construction company must have a digital presence. Embracing content creation means that your business is posting about your custom home builder projects on various outlets, staying in touch with customers, and staying visible within the digital landscape. Remember the phrase, out-of-sight out of mind? How much technology society utilizes daily makes posting business content imperative to any modern-day company.

As mentioned above, staying visible within the digital landscape is vital in marketing your construction business. Beyond posting informative content to your company’s social media pages, you need to be interacting with potential customers or accounts that could refer your company; this is where genuinely knowing your client base will help you immensely. In addition, commenting and liking their photos will help your company stay top-of-mind in their news feed. (This is also why branding is beyond crucial to marketing your construction company!)

Some types of content that you can start posting today:

  • Current projects
  • Before & afters
  • Team photos
  • Partners or designers you’ve teamed up with
  • Videos/ behind-the-scenes

Some digital outlets that would be beneficial to your construction business:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Houzz

You’ll Need an Estimating Firm and a Lead Magnet

As the owner of a construction company, you know how limited time is throughout the day. That’s why hiring an estimating firm or trained administrator who can use your company history to gauge what jobs will entail can significantly benefit your business. Having additional help sending out qualified estimates can help generate more revenue and leave you available for more of the critical roles within your construction company.

Alongside an estimating firm, creating a lead magnet that attracts potential customers to your website is a great marketing strategy for construction companies. What is a “lead magnet”? A lead magnet is when customers exchange their information for something educational, promotional, or informative from a business.

Lead magnets are essential for gauging the interest of your potential customers and weeding out those who will and will not be a good fit for your company. Homebuilders can benefit significantly from lead magnets as it allows you to build trust and stay present with potential customers, ultimately enabling them to win the project bid.

Email, Email, Email

One of the most underutilized digital marketing strategies for construction companies is email marketing. Producing quality and segmented emails to customers, prospects, and partners will help your business stay visible and help you strengthen the relationship.

There are many ways you can adapt email marketing for your custom home-building business; a monthly newsletter, email automation, and email sequences are a few different ideas for starters. The beauty of email marketing? It can be automatic by setting up an email sequence routine after a customer fills out a contact form or performs another action on your website.

There is no one size fits all model for the best way to advertise your construction business. A big part of marketing is staying consistent and automating what you can so you have more time to work with the business. Hiring the wrong marketing company and not hiring one at all could be costing you revenue. Schedule a free consultation by texting us at (201) 274-3577 or emailing us at [email protected] and learn how we bring value to our client’s marketing investments.

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