Building Your Business Social Media Pages

Strategizing and developing your social media proposal can be a tedious and stressful process. Questions such as, “where do I start?”, “what platform is best for my industry?”, “which platform will bring the greatest ROI to my business?” may come up. Do not worry, we’re here to help eliminate that fear and provide some helpful tips to get you up and running for your business.

Here at Lets B Media, we can guide your small business through the waters of the social media world and develop content that will strengthen brand awareness. We have worked with other business owners to devise marketing plans that in hindsight grow revenue.

Since COVID-19, the digital marketing industry has developed at an even more exponential rate. This blog is to help you build your business from the ground up via social media platforms such as FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Here are some of our “big picture” ideas to help your business:  

  • Big Picture Ideas to Remember About Social Media
    • Ask yourself, “what are our company’s main goals?” By understanding your core main goals, you’ll help develop creative, language and imagery to use on social
    • Decide which platforms are right for you to start out with. Not every platform may be of use at this time
    • Know your market. Understand which platform your customers are most likely to be on and the people you’ll be talking to in your future posts.
    • Create a social media calendar to keep yourself accountable
    • Before you post, ask yourself “am I posting just to post, or am I posting content that our audience will appreciate”
    • Monitor conversations and respond to followers. Relationship management is huge and It’s within best interest to keep up conversations discussed on your pages
    • Review your platform after each month by looking at the data of each post

Let’s break down each platform for you: 


  • Facebook is a valuable piece to a startup small business. You’re able to share photography, videography, status updates about your company and engage with consumers and future prospects


  • Instagram is the fastest way for consumers and future prospects to obtain information about your small business through photography, videography, and live updates made all throughout your mobile device


  • Linkedin is your go-to for all professional networking expertise. It’s a one-stop-shop for finding talent, placing your business in the market, and promoting updates to colleagues in a similar industry


  • Don’t be fooled, Twitter shouldn’t be unnoticed in the social media game. It’s great for short updates that are engaging and easy to read. By sharing 240 characters or less, you’re able to promote ready to go updates made from your company

By creating a social media platform for your business, you’re raising awareness, building personalities, increasing website traffic, and retaining client relationships. By using data, analytics, and trial and error, you’re able to build consistency with business retainers.

Understanding social media marketing is hard, we totally get it. Here at Lets B Media, we remind you to know your audience and most of all, have fun but be smart with posting.

Step into the small business marketing age with us and get started by growing your company and taking your business to new heights by using these tactics and more. Want to discuss the above and more? Reach out to us at: [email protected] and let’s begin to plan out your next steps!

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